Although many of our clients do not give awards, we have won the following:

 AED Founders’ Award

The Associated Equipment Distributors, the national association of heavy equipment distributors located in Oak Brook, Illinois, gives the AED Founders’ Award each year to their local chapters in recognition of ‘superior accomplishments in serving the needs and interests of local member firms.’  Our client, the Georgia Equipment Distributors Association, received this award in 1986, 1993, 1994, and 2002 due to our various legislative accomplishments in the Georgia General Assembly.  One of these bills was the first of its kind to be passed in the Nation.  As a result of these accomplishments, AED asked Bruce Widener to write an article for their national magazine, Construction Equipment Distribution, (July/August 1987) to discuss the professional aspects of lobbying on the state level.    Another article was written in 1998 entitled “Georgia EDA scores State Tax Victory” (Construction Equipment Distribution, August 1998) about another significant piece of legislation we were able to see passed.  Copies of these articles are available upon request.  AED President wrote, “Congratulations on winning the 1994 AED Founders Award for outstanding local association accomplishment.  Georgia EDA has always been a leader in AED’s local associations. Your group is largely responsible for making AED the successful organization it is today.   We are honored to be associated with such an outstanding local association as Georgia EDA!”

 National Marine Retailers Association National Legislative Award

Due to our efforts in 2002 in passing HB 1330 dealing with franchise protection for marine (boat) dealers, our client, The Marine Trade Association of Metropolitan Atlanta, was awarded the National Marine Retailers Association National Legislative Award for “passing the most all encompassing legislation in the nation for marine dealers.”  As a result of these,  articles in the national trade magazine were written calling this the “Nation’s toughest dealer contract law”.